Years 5 and 6

In year 5 and 6 children work with Mrs Johnson and Miss Fitzgerald. Each half term we study a new and exciting topic, you can see what we have been learning about so far this year by looking at the newsletters below. 

 This year we are setting the children a new ‘Reading Challenge’. Children will work towards earning a Bronze, Silver or Gold award. These awards can be awarded at any point in the school year as the award is given depending on the number of times children have read during the year:

  • Bronze award = read 75 times
  • Silver award = read 125 times
  • Gold award  = read 175 times
  • Platinum award = read 200 times

On achieving an award, children will receive a certificate and a prize:

  • Bronze award = Book
  • Silver award = £5 book token and a book
  • Gold award = £10 book token and a book
  • Platinum award = £ 20 experience token and a book

Congratulation to children who have already achieved the Bronze award. 

 Mrs Johnson is always happy to speak to parents or carers. If you need to do so, please don't hesitate to make an appointment with the school office. 

Please see the latest class newsletter below.