Mrs Richardson embarks on an African Adventure

23rd October 2015

Our member of staff, Mrs Richardson, is doing something out of the ordinary this Half Term.  She will be going on an African Adventure with 12 fellow students from the Education and Childcare studies Department of Stockton and Riverside College. Destination -  a small village, 2 hours from Swakopmund in Namibia, in South West Africa. The group will be working with the local school, Abraham Gariseb School, decorating their dormitory and teaching them to play games such as art and football, and working with local farmers on the subject of elephant conservation.

Our Year 3 children have written letters for Mrs Richardson to deliver to the children at Abraham Gariseb School, telling them about our school and asking about theirs.  They have interviewed Mrs Richardson to find out more about the trip.


Why are you going to Namibia?

I’m going to work with the children and their community, to tell them all about our school in England, and to help educate them about living with elephants.

Will you be sleeping in a hotel?

No, I will be sleeping under the stars without a tent!

Will you have a television and Internet?

No, there is no WiFi or electricity in the village, I will not even be able to use my mobile phone.

What will you eat while you are there?

I will eat traditional, local food such as rice, beans and bread as well as food that we will prepare ourselves.

Are you scared?

Yes, I am terrified! I have never been away without my family before.  I will miss them terribly.

Will you be surrounded by elephants?

Yes I will.  I am really looking forward to seeing them, although a bit nervous.

What will you be teaching the children?

PE and arts and crafts.

Will it be very hot in Africa?

Yes it will be scorching, and I will wear shorts all the time.


The children are very excited to find out more about Namibia and to hear all about Mrs Richardson’s adventure when she returns.