Our Curriculum

Our aim is to provide a curriculum that inspires, motivates and challenges all learners and prepares them for the future.  As a result of our belief in learning through experience, we organise many curriculum related visits and invite school visitors to enhance the learning opportunities.  Through our exciting curriculum, we aim to develop every child, whatever their strength or area of interest.  We aim to develop lively, enquiring minds and reflective learners. Wilton Primary is a place where everyone can flourish.

Wilton Primary curriculum will lead to:

Successful Learners with

  • Enthusiasm and motivation for learning

  • Determination to reach high standards of achievement

  • The ability to reflect and improve on their own learning

And able to

  • Communicate confidently and use well developed literacy skills
  • Apply mathematical skills in a range of contexts

  • Think creativity across all curriculum areas

  • Link and apply learning in new situations

  • Demonstrate perseverance and resilience

 Confident Individuals with

  • Aspirations and ambitions

  • A sense of physical, mental and emotional well being

And able to

  • See learning as an ongoing process

  • Pursue a healthy and active lifestyle and develop emotional resilience

  • Achieve success and reach their potential

 Emotionally Literate People with

  • Self-awareness and self-discipline

  • An understanding of the qualities to build strong relationships

  • Capacity to take risks and manage uncertainty

And able to

  • Appreciate the impact that their own behaviour has on others

  • Develop an emotional skills set based on empathy and understanding of others

  • Work independently, in partnership and in teams

  • Understand that it is ok to make mistakes and that new learning involves venturing into the realm of the unknown

 Responsible Citizens with

  • Respect for others

  • An understanding of own heritage and culture

  • An acceptance of diversity and uniqueness of individuals

  • Global awareness and responsibility

And able to

  • Recognise how differences add to the richness of the world

  • Develop a sense of the wider world beyond the immediate vicinity of the community

  • Understand and evaluate the impact of lifestyle choices

Please click on the links for information about each of the subject areas. If you require any further information, please contact Miss Harvey, School Business Manager, on 01642 453374 and she will be able to direct you to the person in school responsible for the curriculum area. Thank you