Values and Ethos of our School

At Wilton Primary, we aim to provide experiences which inspire and challenge all learners and prepare them for the future.
Through the development of lively, enquiring minds and the promotion of reflective learners, Wilton Primary is a place where everyone can flourish. Our curriculum aims and values reflect our school motto of
'Growing and Learning Together to Achieve our Best’.

We aim to meet children’s needs and respond to interests and experiences through a curriculum that:

  • Develops knowledge, skills and understanding across all subject areas
  • Promotes the lifelong learning skills of confidence, independence, resilience and perseverance
  • Develops the key characteristics of creativity, flexibility, portability and ingenuity
  • Is filled with first hand experiences through visits, visitors and opportunities for learning outdoors
  • Promotes a high level of skill in communication, literacy and numeracy
  • Engages children in art, cultural and sporting activities
  • Recognises the importance of emotional and physical well being
  • Ensures that every child experiences rich, memorable learning experiences

 At Wilton Primary

  • Children have the opportunity to be the best they can be
  • Children have many chances to showcase their talents
  • Children are encouraged to understand their emotions and learn how to manage them
  • Children are able to develop their social skills and learn how to use them
  • Children have many opportunities for memorable learning experiences and to develop a love of learning
  • Children are a school, national and global citizen

 At Wilton Primary

  • All children can flourish
  • Many will shine
  • Some will reach the stars
Adopted by the Governing Body in October 2014.